RHS Innovation Spreadpoint auger system reduces drift

RHS Innovation: The Spreadpoint Auger System Reduces Drift in 2025

The agricultural industry has always sought innovations that enhance efficiency and sustainability. The RHS Innovation Spreadpoint auger system, launched in 2025, is the latest breakthrough designed to address one of the persistent challenges in modern farming.


Understanding Drift and Its Challenges

1. What is Drift?

Drift occurs when agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides are spread unevenly or are carried by wind to unintended areas. This not only reduces the effectiveness of the inputs but also poses environmental risks, contaminating water sources and affecting non-target plants and animals.


Introducing the Spreadpoint Auger System

The RHS Innovation Spreadpoint auger system is a state-of-the-art solution designed to mitigate drift and enhance the precision of agricultural input application. By integrating advanced technology and innovative design, the Spreadpoint auger system aims to revolutionize the way farmers apply fertilizers and pesticides.

1. Advanced Auger Design

At the core of the Spreadpoint system is its advanced auger design. The auger, a helical screw mechanism, is engineered to ensure even distribution of materials. This design minimizes the chances of clumping and uneven spread, which are common causes of drift. The Spreadpoint auger’s precision engineering allows for controlled and consistent application, regardless of the type or condition of the material being spread.

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