CNH Brands Dominate at Farm Machine 2025

CNH Brands Dominate at Farm Machine 2024

Farm Machine 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the agricultural industry, witnessed an impressive display of innovation, technology, and performance. Among the numerous exhibitors, CNH Industrial’s brands—Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr—stood out for their remarkable advancements and contributions to modern farming. This article delves into the highlights of CNH brands at Farm Machine 2024, showcasing their cutting-edge technologies, award-winning machinery, and the impact these innovations are set to have on the agricultural sector.

Case IH: Redefining Precision Farming

1. The Autonomous AFS Connect Magnum

Case IH has been at the forefront of precision farming, and this year was no exception. The highlight of their exhibit was the Autonomous AFS Connect Magnum. This tractor integrates advanced GPS technology, AI, and machine learning to perform various tasks with minimal human intervention. Farmers can now control and monitor their tractors remotely, optimizing operations and reducing labor costs. The AFS Connect Magnum’s ability to work autonomously in fields, adjust its course, and adapt to different farming conditions sets a new standard in precision agriculture.

2. The Latest in Combine Harvesters

The Axial-Flow 250 series combine harvesters were another major attraction at the Case IH booth. These machines feature the new AFS Harvest Command automation system, which adjusts harvesting parameters in real-time to maximize efficiency and reduce grain loss. The Axial-Flow 250 series promises to enhance productivity and profitability for farmers by ensuring optimal harvesting conditions regardless of the crop or field conditions.

3. Advanced Crop Management Solutions

Case IH also showcased its latest crop management solutions, including the Precision Disk 500T air drill. This tool allows for precise seed placement and depth control, leading to better crop emergence and yield. The integration of advanced sensors and real-time monitoring systems ensures that farmers can make informed decisions to optimize their planting strategies.

New Holland: Innovations in Sustainability and Efficiency

1. The T7 Heavy Duty Methane Power Tractor

New Holland took a bold step towards sustainable farming with the introduction of the T7 Heavy Duty Methane Power tractor. This tractor is designed to run on methane, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel engines. The T7 Methane Power tractor not only lowers the carbon footprint but also offers the same performance and durability that farmers expect from New Holland machines. This innovation aligns with global efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce environmental impact.

2. Advanced Harvesting Technology

The CR Revelation combine harvester, equipped with the IntelliSense system, was another highlight at the New Holland booth. This system uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the harvester’s settings, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal grain loss. The CR Revelation’s advanced technology allows it to adapt to varying field conditions and crop types, providing farmers with a versatile and efficient harvesting solution.

3. Connectivity and Smart Farming

New Holland’s focus on smart farming was evident with the launch of the MyPLM Connect platform. This digital tool allows farmers to connect all their machinery and monitor their operations in real-time. With MyPLM Connect, farmers can access data analytics, receive maintenance alerts, and optimize their equipment’s performance. This connectivity enhances operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and supports data-driven decision-making in the field.

Steyr: Combining Tradition with Innovation

1. The Steyr Konzept Tractor

Steyr, known for its reliable and robust machinery, unveiled the Steyr Konzept tractor at Farm Machine 2024. This concept tractor combines traditional Steyr reliability with futuristic technology. It features a hybrid electric drive, which offers improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The modular design allows for easy maintenance and customization, enabling farmers to tailor the tractor to their specific needs. The Steyr Konzept also includes advanced driver assistance systems, enhancing safety and ease of operation.

2. Efficient Field Operations

Steyr’s Profi CVT series tractors were also on display, highlighting their efficiency and versatility in field operations. These tractors come with continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology, providing smooth and efficient power delivery. The Profi CVT series is designed to handle a wide range of tasks, from plowing and planting to transportation and material handling, making them a valuable asset for modern farms.

3. Enhanced Operator Comfort

Steyr has always prioritized operator comfort, and this year’s exhibits reinforced that commitment. The Steyr Expert CVT series tractors feature an ergonomically designed cab with intuitive controls, advanced climate control systems, and excellent visibility. These enhancements ensure that operators can work comfortably and efficiently, even during long hours in the field.

The Impact of CNH Innovations on Modern Agriculture

1. Boosting Productivity

The advancements showcased by CNH brands at Farm Machine 2024 are set to revolutionize agricultural productivity. The integration of autonomous systems, precision farming tools, and real-time data analytics allows farmers to optimize their operations and achieve higher yields. Machines like the Autonomous AFS Connect Magnum and the IntelliSense-equipped CR Revelation combine harvester demonstrate how technology can enhance efficiency and reduce resource wastage.

2. Promoting Sustainability

CNH Industrial’s focus on sustainability was evident in the innovations presented at the event. The T7 Heavy Duty Methane Power tractor from New Holland represents a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural operations. By adopting cleaner energy sources and promoting sustainable farming practices, CNH brands are contributing to the global effort to combat climate change and ensure a greener future for agriculture.

3. Enhancing Farmer Safety and Comfort

The emphasis on operator safety and comfort in the latest machinery from Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr highlights CNH Industrial’s commitment to supporting farmers’ well-being. Advanced driver assistance systems, ergonomic cab designs, and automation features reduce the physical and mental strain on operators, allowing them to work more efficiently and with greater peace of mind.

4. Driving Technological Adoption

The innovations presented by CNH brands at Farm Machine 2024 are likely to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies in agriculture. The connectivity features, autonomous systems, and precision farming tools showcased at the event demonstrate the tangible benefits of digital transformation in farming. As more farmers recognize the value of these technologies, the agricultural sector is poised for a significant shift towards smarter, more efficient farming practices.


Farm Machine 2024 highlighted the incredible advancements in agricultural technology, with CNH Industrial’s brands—Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr—leading the charge. The innovations presented by these brands showcase their commitment to supporting modern agriculture with cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity, promote sustainability, and improve the overall farming experience.

Case IH’s focus on precision farming, New Holland’s commitment to sustainability, and Steyr’s blend of tradition and innovation illustrate the diverse approaches CNH Industrial is taking to address the challenges and opportunities in modern agriculture. The autonomous tractors, advanced harvesters, and smart farming tools introduced at the event are set to transform farming practices, making them more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, the dominance of CNH brands at Farm Machine 2024 underscores their pivotal role in shaping the future of farming. By investing in innovative technologies and addressing the needs of modern farmers, CNH Industrial is ensuring that its brands remain at the forefront of agricultural advancements, providing farmers with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive industry.

In summary, the dominance of CNH brands at Farm Machine 2024 is a testament to their leadership in agricultural innovation. The groundbreaking technologies and machinery showcased at the event promise to drive the industry forward, helping farmers achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and success in their operations. As these innovations are adopted and integrated into farming practices worldwide, the future of agriculture looks brighter than ever, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr.

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